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    turborattler DAVID LUCAS
    David give me a call 7046689224
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    Born to fish for kings,forced to live in Arkansas damitt!
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    Little Boat cash money
    My names Bryan I'm the captain on the Red Stripe in Div 1 single engine class. Morehead is my home waters give me a call and I'll help you out. 919-614-3269
    DAVID LUCAS alwaysbroke
    yes they, we met, it looks good for Morehead. Ben wanted to have breakfast with Al Morris and myself this morning before he flew out and thanked us for our input and told us he would make the announcement tomorrow. Don't repeat any of this yet and lets see what he does tomorrow but like I said it looks good.
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    alwaysbroke DAVID LUCAS
    David: I know weather lousy, but did the MHC crowd meet last evening as planned to discuss SKA Nationals? If so, do you have any idea what their gameplan is?
    It quit a couple of years ago, made my own that works pretty well. Doesn't turn quite as fast as yours but works great. Iv'e had a couple of people wanting me to build them one but I don't have time for stuff like that. I'm selling 3 to 4 thousand rigs a year plus what I use and the Jigs I make keeps me pretty busy. Just have got time to fish myself. I tell you, running the appraisal business, the little tackle deal I got going and fishing, I don't have alot of spare time. May be selling the appraisal business the first of next year and that will free me up some. Give me a call sometime, maybe we can get together and go fishing one day this fall when it picks up some.
    Hey david how you been its been a long time since ive been on kc .com dont do any king fishing anymore how are things going for you. Me im flipping cars dont do any fishing stuff anymore that turbo twister still going strong for you.